Included in the modernizing of an ancient proven├žal farm house, was a completely tiled bathroom with built-in tub, mosaic floored shower area separated by a clear glass shower screen.

Added improvements include double sinks, integrated shower controls, skylight, wall-mounted towel heater, and under floor electric heating.

The challenge in this below-grade shower room, was to eliminate severe humidity problems as well as to renovate & modernize the room. Double walls with exterior ventilation were installed. See next photo for finished product.

To enhance the feeling of space, large wall tiles were used, with a contrasting mosaic-tile border, and clear glass enclosure. The rain shower & the hand wand have built-in controls. The shower area also has an integrated bench seat for additional comfort. The suspended vanity, with one-piece glass top, provides good storage space, plus facilitates easy cleaning.

This 50-year old shower room is located on the fifth floor of a large apartment building with restrictions on access, noise and working hours.

To add interest, decorative wall tiles were installed at mid-level, then the tiling changed to a diagonal pattern. The use of standard-sized furniture and fittings kept the installation cost at a very affordable level.

This small but efficient tiled shower room, includes built-in shower controls, soap/shampoo niche, sliding glass shower doors, recessed ceiling lighting, suspended toilet, and wash basin.