Marble floor and skirting tiles have been installed to obtain a smooth, bright floor surface.

This ceramic-tiled floor exhibits the contrast created between the red floor tiles, gray joint cement and the white walls. Ceramic tiles are extremely durable and are available in a wide choice of sizes, colors and surface textures.

To create a more rustic look, a staggered pattern was used in the installation of ceramic-tiled floor.

This ceramic-tiled floor was installed using a diagonal pattern to add interest. This pattern is effective in installations where the walls are not square.

A conventional square pattern was used in this tiling application, to emphasize both the length and width of the room.

Unattractive, narrow and very steep, stairway needed to be totally removed, re-designed, & re-located.

This newly constructed, & reinforced concrete stairway, is safer and more attractive. Ceramic tile was installed on the risers & runs, and each step was finished using oak-nose pieces, creating a rustic look.

Here we see the construction of the integrated, rounded pool stairs. This installation incorporated water jets which create a flow of water, thus helping to keep the stairs clean.

The completed mosaic tiled stairway incorporates a “safety band” of darker tiles on each rounded step, thus indicating the edge of each step.